House System

To encourage a healthy competitive spirit among the students we have a house system from Class I to XII. The houses are named as follows:

  • Azad - Red
  • Gandhi - Green
  • Prasad - Yellow
  • Tagore - Blue

The house system inculcates the qualities of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self reliance. Various activities and competitions are organised to build team spirit and the winners are allotted points which are contributed to the house. At the end of the year the total house points are calculated and the winning house is awarded a trophy.


House Captain Vice – Captain House Mistress/Master Asst. Mistress
AZAD Jonathan Paul N (Junior School)
Theresa Thomas (Senior School)
Joseph Roni
(Junior School)
Liya Anna Noble (Senior School)
Ms.Pragya Srivastava Ms.Jancy Mathew
PRASAD Hanna Latha Jacob (Junior School)
Sana Jacquilin D (Senior School)
Deeksha Das Gupta (Junior School)
Riya Joji
(Senior School)
Ms.Viji Suraj Ms.Juhi Srivastava
GANDHI Ahana Kayal
(Junior School)
Manasvi Jha
(Senior School)
Hedia Bobby
(Junior School)
Diya Regi
(Senior School)
Ms.Shari V.K Ms.Shaija M.S
TAGORE Leanne Rhea Radhin (Junior School)
Reena J
(Senior School)
Iha Das
(Junior School)
Alphonsa J Johnson
(Senior School)
Mr.Shanil Joy Ms.Swati Saxena


EUPHORIA, Annual Carnival

In a burst of colours and community spirit, St. Patrick's Academy Bengaluru recently hosted its annual carnival, EUPHORIA. This year's carnival transported the attendees into a world of whimsy and enchantment by presenting a magic show and musical delights. The school grounds transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant offerings, with each corner displaying a new adventure. We experienced that the air was filled with the irresistible aroma of cotton candy, popcorn, dosa, and sizzling hot Biriyani. We couldn't stop appreciating the active participation of the students for showcasing their performances. The success of the event was not just in the numbers but in the smiles, laughter, and memories created.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

30th October, 2023 was a momentous occasion that marked a significant milestone in the history of our cherished institution. The foundation stone for St.Patrick's Academy's remarkable new multipurpose building and auditorium was laid.
Br.Jerome Ellens, the Province Leader of the Patrician Brothers, India and Ghana Provinces and Fr.Tegi, Director of Snehadan Hospital and vice-provinicial of St.Camillians Fathers were the guests of honour.
This grand endeavour symbolized the unwavering commitment of St.Patrick's Academy to the pursuit of excellence in education, the nurturing of young minds, and the enrichment of our cultural and artistic heritage. It represents a new chapter in our ongoing journey of providing exceptional educational experiences for our students.

ICSE Class X Results 2022-23- Science

Congratulations to our 7th batch of ICSE Science Patricians for scoring 100% results consecutively and making us proud.

1st Place:
Sagan Krishna Gupta (98.6%)
Mohd Samar Abbas (98.6%)

2nd Place:
Catherine Rose Ranjith (98.2%)

3rd Place:
Anton Binoj (97.8%)
Ryan Alfaeus (97.8%)

90 – 100%: 59 students
80 – 90%: 28 students
70 – 80%: 04 students