House System

To encourage a healthy competitive spirit among the students we have a house system from Class I to XII. The houses are named as follows:

  • Azad - Red
  • Gandhi - Green
  • Prasad - Yellow
  • Tagore - Blue

The house system inculcates the qualities of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self reliance. Various activities and competitions are organised to build team spirit and the winners are allotted points which are contributed to the house. At the end of the year the total house points are calculated and the winning house is awarded a trophy.


House Captain Vice – Captain House Mistress/Master Asst. Mistress
AZAD Jonathan Paul N (Junior School)
Theresa Thomas (Senior School)
Joseph Roni
(Junior School)
Liya Anna Noble (Senior School)
Ms.Pragya Srivastava Ms.Jancy Mathew
PRASAD Hanna Latha Jacob (Junior School)
Sana Jacquilin D (Senior School)
Deeksha Das Gupta (Junior School)
Riya Joji
(Senior School)
Ms.Viji Suraj Ms.Juhi Srivastava
GANDHI Ahana Kayal
(Junior School)
Manasvi Jha
(Senior School)
Hedia Bobby
(Junior School)
Diya Regi
(Senior School)
Ms.Shari V.K Ms.Shaija M.S
TAGORE Leanne Rhea Radhin (Junior School)
Reena J
(Senior School)
Iha Das
(Junior School)
Alphonsa J Johnson
(Senior School)
Mr.Shanil Joy Ms.Swati Saxena


Teachers' Day Celebration

Educated and skilled community of a civilized country is the gift of dedicated and hardworking teachers of the country. We live in a blessed land where teachers are respected the most and considered equal to god. On September 5, 2022, teachers of our school were honoured and thanked by the school management, though the students could not take part in it because of the heavy rainfall and flood in Bangalore. On the day, teachers were entertained and appreciated with games followed by a luncheon meeting by the management. Gift cards were also distributed to the teachers. As students could not participate in the celebration, a special assembly was held on September 13,2022 which was filled with a variety of cultural events including dances and songs. Special greeting cards of love and appreciation, prepared by students, were gifted to the teachers.

Inter School Sports Competition Winners

Inter school sports competitions opportune students to empower their athletic abilities and make them confident in competing with true sportsmanship. It gives them an experience outside the classroom and enhances physical and mental wellbeing. St. Patrick's Academy, Bengaluru is always fascinated with providing such opportunities to its students and in the academic year 2022-23 as well, Patrician athletes have upheld the flag of the school winning several medals in different competitions organised by various schools. Congratulations to the winners and the PE Department.

ICSE Class X and ISC Class XII Results

We are extremely happy to announce the outstanding achievement of our students in the ICSE and ISC 2021- 2022 Examination. Congratulations to every student who passed the Examination with flying colours. We secured 100% results consecutively in the 6th year with multiple centums in various subjects in ICSE and ISC examinations We would like to appreciate all the members of the Team SPAB for the amazing work that they did for the excellent performance in the examination. Although the pandemic had brought forth changes in the educational process with online classes and made learning and teaching more challenging, the coordinated effort of students, teachers, parents and the school authorities with a positive mindset helped overcome every hard situation. High fly the flag of St. Patrick's Academy.