The school is located on the Sarjapur Main Road, one kilometer from Carmelaram railway crossing. It is just 200 metres from Kodathi Gate.

The school stands in a sprawling campus of about 15 acres of land. The Academy’s unique architecture and elevation instantly captures and captivates the imagination of the beholder.

The school’s spacious grounds are attractively landscaped creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for students during break time.

The school has 200 meters athletic track, Hand Ball, Rugby, hockey, football and cricket fields, basketball, volleyball and throw ball courts. Equal importance is given for games for both boys and girls.


Campus area of the school (in acres) 15
Area of the school 4047 Sq. Mtrs.
No. Of classrooms 70
Number of auditoriums 1
Total seating capacity of the auditorium 600
Number of laboratories of different subjects 7
Number of play grounds 3
Lifts 2


1 Cricket Ground
2 Basketball Court
3 Football Ground
4 Badminton Court
5 Throwball Court
6 Volleyball Court
7 Yoga Class
8 Music Rooms (Indian & Western)
9 Audio Visual Rooms
10 Conference Room
11 Library (Senior & Junior)
12 Dance Room
13 Art Room
14 Play Area - Utopia
15 Computer Lab (Senior)
16 Computer Lab (Junior)
17 Language Lab
18 Maths Lab
19 Abacus Room
20 NCC
21 Well-equipped Science Laboratories
22 School buses for transportation
23 Wellness Room
24 Day Care
Other Facilities includes:
  • Online communication service is available in St. Patrick’s for the better and fast communication with the parents
  • Online fee payment facility.
  • Banking facility in the campus
  • Campus is under CCTV surveillance
  • All the safety measures have been taken for the protection of the children at St. Patrick’s Academy
  • Infirmary with qualified nurse
  • There is a grievance committee to attend the grievances of the parents and children
  • Suggestion box is available to drop your suggestions
  • Incinerator: Incinerators have been installed in all wash rooms for women and girls. This is an environment friendly product & instant solution for disposal of used Sanitary Napkins in a scientific & hygienic manner.


ICSE Class X Results 2023-24 - Science

Congratulations to our 8th batch of ICSE Science Patricians for scoring 100% results consecutively and making us proud.

1st Place:
Gunamay Dawar (98.6%)
Keerthana Rajesh Babu (98.6%)

2nd Place:
Preena Elz M.Joseph (98.2%)

3rd Place:
Carolyn Mary E (98%)

It's a moment of great excitement and pride that St. Patrick's Academy has yielded an excellent result in 2023–24 ICSE and ISC examination. Two tenth graders (ICSE) had scored 98.6% and another two secured 98.2% and 98%, as second and third respectively. Besides, it is noteworthy to mention that 47 students scored 100 out of 100 in various subjects.
In the commerce stream, the first position is 95.8%.
In ISC result, the highest percentage is 97.25%, followed by 95.75, and 93.75% as second and third respectively.

ICSE Class X Results 2023-24 - Commerce

Congratulations to our 8th batch of ICSE Commerce Patricians for scoring 100% results consecutively and making us proud.

1st Place:
Mahika Gupta (95.8%)

2nd Place:
S.Vijay Akshay (92.6%)

3rd Place:
Subhash Chandra G (88.6%)

ISC Class XII Results 2023-24

Congratulations to our ISC XII Patricians for scoring 100% results consecutively and making us proud.

1st Place:
Lena Mariya Noble (97.25%)

2nd Place:
Mridhula P.R (95.75%)

3rd Place:
Ann Elizabeth (93.75%)
Liya Anna Noble (93.75%)