Class Assemblies

Class Assemblies: Class Assemblies are an initiative to bring out the hidden talent of our students. To give them ample amount of exposure and a chance to perform on stage, we have our class assemblies. It is a programme presented and designed by a specific class showcasing their talent under the guidance of their teachers. They perform numerous activities such as prayer, skit, news reading, thought for the day, dance, recitation, song, mime and character dramatization.


Childrens' Day

Children's day is celebrated in India on 14th November every year. It is celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who loved and was loved by children. Due to the present pandemic situation, a video encapsulating a plethora of events – songs, skits, and dance performances by teachers was released for students on 13th November, a day prior to Children's Day. The celebration commemorated with our Coordinators greeting the students with enthusiasm, thereafter the Principal Rev. Bro. Tomy Varghese, shared an awe– inspiring message and greeted the children on this special day, a day to celebrate the bond between teachers and students. A day marking childhood, and to make this event a memorable one for our little ones the SPAB team put together a Jaw dropping show with bubbly & amusing dances, a hilarious skit, and a few soulful renditions of songs to showcase their love and affection for our kids. The programme was a grand success with the efforts and the coordination of our beloved teachers.

Back to School

After the long turbulent period of uncertainties and apprehensions, St. Patrick's Academy opened its gates for its students of grade VI-XII on 8th November 2021, Monday. During the meetings arranged earlier with the parents, the Principal had listened to their concerns and revealed his plans for the re-opening of the school with their consent. The school had taken all possible precautionary measures for the safety of the students and Staff in the atmosphere of ongoing but slackening threat of the pandemic. RTPCR test was conducted for the students and staff for ensuring their safety. The campus and class rooms were well decorated and the students were welcomed heartily by the management and staff. It was the aspiration of our young learners, co-operation of parents and teachers and above all the strong determination of our respected Principal, Brother Tomy Varghese that made the reopening possible.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration

The 66th Kannada Rajyotsava, commemoration of the Karnataka formation day, was celebrated reverentially on 1st November by the St. Patrick's family. The virtual celebration was begun with a prayer. Respected Principal Rev. Brother Tomy Varghese, delivered the message of the day and reminded us of the importance of planting trees for preserving our environment for the future generations. On the occasion, the school paid its tribute to the great poets, scientists, educators and social and cultural reformers of the state. Speeches of students, reflecting the history of the state, and other cultural performances made the celebration a memorable one.